About us

Lynne Bushore Office

Trust. Integrity. Expertise.

You’d expect that of an accountancy. But every now and then you’ll come across an accountancy that will give you all that and more. And that’s the firm that will become your accountant for a very long time.

It’s difficult to define what more is. Part of that definition could be the way you and your account are handled. Lynne and the staff care a great deal.

It may be that understanding is part of the definition. The kind of understanding that goes beyond columns of numbers and statutes. It’s an understanding that comes from a higher view of where and how your CPA firm can best assist you personally and professionally. They really know me and they understand my business.

Confidence is a part of more. The confidence you’ll have in Lynne Bushore, CPA. That’s what Lynne Bushore, CPA and her staff will earn. And deserve.

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